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Discover the atmosphere of respectability of aristocratism, amazing winter landscapes and the most fashionable trends of the ski world ... all this is Baqueira- Beret, the most famous Spanish ski resort of luxury class, a favorite vacation spot for business elite, the Spanish royal family and you. Located near the most interesting mountainous areas of Catalonia, we offer exclusive helicopter flights over the most beautiful and difficult to access mountain landscapes in Val d'Aran. Enjoy a luxurious Après-Ski at our exclusive baths & Spa Welcome to a completely different world, in a different space and in a different time. Your attention is presented to the paradise resort of thermal water in Aran Valley, Catalonia. Enjoy the best Aranese Cuisine, a true pleasure for real gourmets will be to visit the best restaurants of Val d'Aran.

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Waiting for our clients to decide what’s next Today, the word “luxury” and luxury services are found into every single…

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Winter and Summer Holidays in the Val D'Aran

Discover the beauty of Catalonia and the wonderful mountains of the Val d'Aran. The Aran Valley is a top spot for family holidays: 5-star accommodation, Michelin-starred restaurants, and a number of exclusive niche activities and services such as luxury Spas, plus transportation by limousine and helicopter trips. The Valley has both, snow and it's sunny, which makes the difference from other great ski resorts in Europe, where there’s snow but the sun isn’t always shining.

Yellow helicopter in Baqueira Baret

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Luxury tailor-made holiday packages in the Aran Valley, Catalonia

Fetiche Aran is a young travel company and event organiser stablished and located in the Val d’Aran (Aran Valley), northern Catalonia, Spain, along the border with France in the Pyrenees. (more…)

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