Enjoy the traditional Aranese cuisine, simply delicious

A true pleasure for real gourmets will be to visit the best places of Val d’Aran. This is not just an institution with a stunning cuisine, exquisite and luxurious interior, the highest level of service, an exclusive wine list, satisfying the most refined taste. These restaurants are the stars of Val d’Aran, who have long earned the status of local attractions in the field of culinary excellence.

The chefs of the Aran Valley restaurants managed to find a balance between tradition and modernity in conservative Catalonia, where there is a very important gastronomic history.

High cuisine of Catalonia for you at Michelin-starred restaurants — you can taste the best cuisine and the most exclusive dishes of Aran Valley and Catalonia:

A foie gras, fried with purple potatoes, and black Perigold truffle, magrette duck mulberry in its own juice with sweet and sour rhubarb, puff pastry with apples and vanilla ice cream Borbon, or Reina de Saba with starchy bean cream (dried fruit of evergreen tropical tree Badian), will not leave indifferent even spoiled gourmets.

Aranese desserts at a Michelin starred restaurant
Aranese desserts at a Michelin starred restaurant in the Aran Valley.

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