All kind of treatments for the complete wellness of body and mind

Enjoy a luxurious Après-Ski in our exclusive baths & Spa and welcome a completely different world, in a different space and in a different time.

Your attention is presented to the paradise resort of thermal water in Aran Valley, Catalonia. Just relax, experience the silence, combining the sessions of the Finnish sauna with taking a bath in the cold snow, surrounded by a virgin nature; warm again in the thermal water pool at a temperature of 33ºC in the fresh air.

Immerse yourself in sulphurous Mineral Waters like our ancestors did when they arrived to this wonderful valley. To top it off, what could be better than plunging into a soaring jacuzzi, watching big snow flakes falling from the sky. All this at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level.

An Indescribable pleasure will deliver cosmetic procedures such as facial Japanese massage based on caviar extracted in Val d’Aran, which balances Chi (vital energy), or Pindas Tibet ritual on the basis of Gimilian stones plus caviar Val d’Aran.

The baths consists of different Spa zones offer everything you need to get the sybarite experience: steam baths, beauty and health cabins, Scottish shower, dry sauna and wet sauna, whirlpool or clay wrapping. An informal atmosphere will be provided by the hotel’s terrace, Val de Neu “Champagne Louis Roederer” – an oasis of tranquility and respectability. Oysters, caviar and ham, accompanied by “Crystal”, one of the most prestigious champagne wines in the world.

These excellent thermal waters are especially indicated to treat arthritis, rheumatism and circulatory, respiratory and skin ailments.

Massage at Occitania Spa, Rafaelhoteles by La Pleta
Massage at Occitania Spa, Rafaelhoteles by La Pleta, Baqueira.

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