Harmonious combination of modernity and traditions in the Aran Valley

We know all about the prestigious ski resort Baqueira Beret, luxury apartments, exclusive offers of the leading hotel chains.

Five-star luxury hotels, located at an altitude of 1500 meters in the valley of ore, harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape thanks to a beautiful combination of wood and natural slate.

In the hotel rooms you can enjoy all the amenities you could dream during your stay in Baqueira. Almost all rooms of the hotel offer unusually beautiful views of the mountainous surroundings.

This exclusive comfort will allow you to enjoy your stay in Val d’aran (Catalonia) and experience all the “charms” of Occitania. Specially selected elegant interiors, with such details of décor as artificial diamonds of firm SWAROSKI.

The rooms give preference to noble materials such as wood, leather and ivory, and the design uses slate, wild goat leather and petals of the flowers of the Aran Valley.

Helicopter service on request.

Exquisite decoration of the Real Suite at Hotel Val de Neu in Baqueira
Exquisite decoration of the Real Suite at Hotel Val de Neu in Baqueira, Val d’aran.

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