Luxury tailor-made holiday packages in the Aran Valley, Catalonia

Fetiche Aran is a young travel company and event organiser stablished and located in the Val d’Aran (Aran Valley), northern Catalonia, Spain, along the border with France in the Pyrenees.

The Aran Valley is popular among wealthy Spaniards as well as International tourists because its main attraction: Baqueira Beret, the most expensive and perhaps best ski resort in Spain who welcomes TV stars, celebrities, politicians, and even the King of Spain and the Royal Family. The Valley has both, snow and it’s sunny, which makes the difference from other great ski resorts in Europe, where there’s snow but the sun isn’t always shining.

The Aran Valley is also called the “Little Switzerland” because its resemblance with Switzerland.

Fetiche offers 5-star accommodation in the valley, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, and a number of exclusive niche activities and services such as luxury Spa, plus transportation by limousine and helicopter trips as well as ski-related events.

We offer two main journey packages plus custom ones targeted to high end tourists, available all year round.

Platinum Package

Fetiche Platinum Package luxury journey.

The most complete luxury package you can get in the Valley. See Val d’Aran by helicopter, unforgettable gourmet experience at Michelin starred restaurants, wellness at the best Spas, and high-end hotels or apartments.

Download the Platinum Package

Gold Package

Fetiche Gold Package luxury journey.

An exclusive package with very special activities and deluxe accommodation and restaurants.

Download the Gold Package

Custom Package

Want to design your own holidays in the Aran Valley? Please, let us know your ideal holidays. In order to make a reservation or request more information, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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