Good karm in the mountains, culture and tradition

A completely different Catalonia, but not less attractive, is far from the sea and beaches – in the Pyrenees. There is a special hidden world with transparent rivers, blue lakes, lost between the high peaks of the mountains, stone arches in the Romanesque belfries and small cozy villages. A world in which to find absolute peace.

Welcome to Val d’Aran, a fantastic place in the Pyrenees, where culture, gastronomy and high mountains give you the impression that you are in a completely different Spain, that you have not yet met. The Aran Valley is located in the northwest corner of the Catalan Pyrenees, surrounded by peaks of 3000 meters above sea level.

Its remote isolation made it possible for the indigenous people to keep their Aranese language and their life and traditions intact. Communication with the outside world was made possible in 1948, thanks to the construction of the Vielha tunnel. But this construction of infrastructure has not changed the beauty of local landscapes.

Under the name Val d’Aran there are 50 small picturesque villages, which extend for tens of kilometers. In Valle d’Aran you can enjoy an important monumental artistic collection, which consists mainly of a large number of Romanesque churches. In Valle d’Aran Aranes is spoken, which is a dialect of the language D’ÒC, used by the residents els trobadors. It is the most cultured language of the Middle Ages. In the south of France they also speak an Aranes language called Oxitania. In medieval royal courts it was a lingua franca. In 12 valleys of the Principality of Monaco, this language is also used. Aranes investigated more than one hundred universities in the world, and so far the language of three million people from four different states. The first Bible of Catalonia was written in the Oxitan dialect. The first and medieval encyclopedia, which is stored in Beyce, France, financed by the Queen of Romania. The first documents written in the Oxitana language correspond to the ninth century. In Spain, this ancient language is widespread only in Val de Aran.

Occitan painting
Ancient Occitan painting.

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